Risk Centric Security delivers Quantitative Risk Analysis training for Information Security Risk Management

Easy to use web-based risk analysis tools by Risk Centric Security enable information security professionals to quantitatively present the financial impact of information system vulnerabilities.


Welcome to Risk Centric Security.

We offer state of the art SaaS tools and Training for quantitative risk and decision analysis.

The skills we teach and the tools we provide empower Information Security Professionals to solve problems they face every day, using proven and defensible techniques to analyze the data and to express the findings in language that business counterparts will easily understand.

Our community provides an environment for Information Security Professionals to ask questions, share experience, and build skills and knowledge by interacting with their peers.

Please look around our site, we are confident that you will like what you see.

Attend an RCS Webinar

Risk Centric Security would like to introduce you to the world of quantitative risk and decision analysis.

Our webinars will provide you with a glimpse of the power and credibility that quantitative methods can bring to the problems that Information Security Professionals face every day.

Topics covered include:

  • What is a breach?
  • What causes a breach?
  • What kinds of data can be exposed?
  • What costs are we talking about?
  • Whose costs are we talking about?
  • How do we estimate costs / impact?
  • How do we prevent, detect, and mitigate a breach?