Risk Centric Security delivers Quantitative Risk Analysis and on site training for improving quantitative risk assessments

In order to bridge the language gap, the time has come for information security to use the same language that business management does, by using quantitative methods to assess and to articulate risk in financial terms.   This course teaches quantitative methods that will improve information security decision making.  It emphasizes not only the methods themselves but, more importantly, the ways in which they contribute to better decisions


Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) Courses:

Risk Analysis Concepts

  • What is Risk?
  • Possibility and Probability
  • Precision versus Accuracy
  • Qualitative and Quantitative methods
  • Risk Assessment Frameworks

QRA Techniques

  • Basic Concepts of Statistics and Probability
  • Static "What if" modeling versus Monte Carlo simulation
  • The Power of Calibrated Estimates
  • Modeling Expert Opinion and the BetaPERT calculator
  • How to understand probability distributions
  • Definitions and Methods
  • Performing a Risk Analysis
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Risk Centric Security would like to introduce you to the world of quantitative risk and decision analysis.

Our webinars will provide you with a glimpse of the power and credibility that quantitative methods can bring to the problems that Information Security Professionals face every day.

Topics covered include:

  • What is a breach?
  • What causes a breach?
  • What kinds of data can be exposed?
  • What costs are we talking about?
  • Whose costs are we talking about?
  • How do we estimate costs / impact?
  • How do we prevent, detect, and mitigate a breach?

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